10 Surprising Facts About Insurance You Never Knew, Who doesn’t enjoy a good surprise? While insurance may not typically be the topic to stir excitement, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Think it’s just about those monthly premiums and claims? Buckle up, because we’re about to dive into some astonishing 10 Surprising Facts About Insurance world!

History Speaks Volumes

Did you ever wonder where the concept of insurance began?

Ancient insurance roots

Insurance isn’t a modern invention. Believe it or not, ancient Chinese merchants practiced methods of distributing their goods among various ships. Why? To minimize potential losses if a ship sank. It’s a form of risk spreading, and it’s fascinating to think this idea has been around for millennia!

Worldwide Coverage

Insurance is not just an American or European thing. It spans the globe, and some facts might surprise you.

The country with the most insurers

Which country do you think holds the title? If you guessed Liechtenstein, you’d be right! This small European nation boasts the most insurers per capita. Quite unexpected, isn’t it?

Space insurance exists

That’s right! Ever wondered if astronauts have life insurance? They do! And it’s not just them. Satellites, rockets, and space stations often have coverage too. After all, space is the final financial frontier!

Unusual Policies

From the typical car and home policies, let’s pivot to some peculiar ones.

Alien abduction coverage

Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, right? But there are policies covering alien abductions. Some even offer coverage for pregnancy resulting from such encounters. And the number of people who’ve bought them? More than you might expect!

Insurance for a tasteful career

Food critics and wine tasters often insure their taste buds. Their palates are essential for their profession, so it makes sense to get them insured, doesn’t it?

The Numbers Game

Insurance is undeniably a massive industry, and the numbers attest to that.

Trillions in coverage

The global insurance industry is worth trillions of dollars. That’s trillions, with a “T”. It’s incredible to think about the sheer volume of policies, premiums, and payouts happening every day!

The percentage of uninsured

While insurance is widespread, a surprising number of people remain uninsured. In some countries, the uninsured rates can reach alarming levels. It emphasizes the need for education and awareness in the domain.

Beyond Life and Property

We’ve talked about unusual policies, but even more shocking insurance types are out there.

Kidnap and ransom insurance

High-profile individuals, especially in high-risk areas, often have this coverage. It offers protection against kidnappings and ensures swift action for their safe return.

Body parts insurance

Celebrities often insure specific body parts. From legs to vocal cords, if it’s vital for their career, there’s likely an insurance policy out there for it.


From ancient maritime practices to modern-day space adventures, the world of insurance is vast and varied. It’s more than just policies and premiums; it’s a testament to human ingenuity and the innate desire to protect what’s dear to us. Next time you think of insurance, remember these fun facts and share them around. Who knows? You might just surprise someone!


When did insurance begin?

The basic concept of insurance can be traced back to ancient China, where merchants would spread their goods across multiple ships.

Do astronauts really have life insurance?

Space insurance covers astronauts, satellites, rockets, and even space stations.

How many people have alien abduction insurance?

Exact numbers vary, but it’s in the thousands. Surprising, right?

What’s the global worth of the insurance industry?

The industry is estimated to be worth trillions of dollars.

Can you insure any body part?

If a particular body part is essential for one’s profession, it’s likely insurable. Celebrities often insure body parts crucial to their careers.